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BULPROJECT Ltd. is a company, whose main activity is focused in infrastructure and highway design, transport planning, traffic management and road safety. The company was established in 2006 by team of very experienced engineers who have been dealing with various problems in road sector, including design, construction and supervision, for more than 10 years.

As founders of BULPROJECT Ltd., after so many successfully completed projects, recognized achievements and good personal reputation, we have reason to believe that we are one of the best with regard to activities in road design and planning.

During design stage we have not just concentrated to create a set of necessary documentation. Our approach for each task is innovative, putting in front as our main requirement to deliver projects in accordance to best European and world practice, with complete and accurate tender documentation and well balanced and optimal quantities of materials for construction works. Meeting these requirements will assure good investment process for our Clients.


The main types of activities include:

  • Design of new highways, roads and streets, including all supporting activities;
  • Design for rehabilitation of highways, roads and streets, including all supporting activities;
  • Transport planning and urban design;
  • Consulting services in road construction, traffic management and road safety;
  • Design of car parks, pedestrian footpaths, cycle paths and lanes, as well as playgrounds;
  • Design of bridges, underpasses and culverts;
  • Projects for permanent traffic management;
  • Projects for temporary traffic management;
  • Road safety audits;
  • Design of pavement construction for roads and streets;
  • Traffic signals design – signal cycle, phases, co-ordination “green wave”, cabling, optimization of existing traffic signals;
  • Micro-modelling and simulation of transport schemes;
  • Health and Safety Plans;
  • Landscape design and soil remediation;
  • Street lighting design;
  • Preparation of interim certificates for construction works.