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Our experience and successfully completed projects give us confidence that we will be able to fulfill even most demanding tasks while meeting the highest requirements of our Clients. However, we clearly recognize the responsibility we carry while designing our projects – responsibility for proposed construction technology, for invested funds, based on our design, responsibility for technical quality, performance and resistance of designed streets and roads.

We know that each of these factors has a direct impact on road safety, driver and passenger comfort. Therefore our goal is during design process to achieve the highest level of quality through extensive knowledge of best European and world standards in transport infrastructure design.

Of course, our confidence is based on our design team. Our experienced engineers have been working in the area of road construction, traffic management and control, urban design, road safety etc. The Company has modern equipment and up-to-date specialized software to finalise various complicated tasks.

Plamen Bulanov, Director of BULPROJECT Ltd. is MSc in Transport Engineering, with extensive experience in road sector:

“During all these years of my career I have never been an observer. Before concentrating mostly on design I have actively been involved in road construction process. I have been working at very responsible positions on site with national importance as: 1) Reconstruction of Graf Ignatievo Airport, completed in 2001; 2) Construction of Trakia Motorway, LOT 1, Orisovo-Stara Zagora and many others. In 2006 I took decision to concentrate all my efforts on the design process and I am fully confident that this is the best way to implement my experience and knowledge.”

Eng. Plamen Bulanov

> Eng. Plamen Bulanov - Road Designer of the Year 2009